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We’re a freelance creative team campaigning for good.

We’re sort of like Robin Hood, except we steal from ourselves and give to the poor. And we only wear tights on Fridays. We donate 10% of our freelance profits to a cause. In May of 2018, we built a primary school in Baishakha, Nepal from the ground up. In October 2019 we completed our second school in Senegal, West Africa. In 2020, we organized a voting initiative called, “Bump The Vote,” and in 2021 we partnered with a Grammy performing gospel choir and Christmas to get more people vaccinated. To suggest a cause for our next project please email us a moving haiku.


We believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. And hard cold cash is mightier than the pen. Because cash can build a school in third world countries faster than a pen can. And pens have poor construction management skills.

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